The 20 Best Channels for Coffee Lovers

As coffee continues to become a much larger part of our everyday lives, more and more people are interested in learning about coffee and how to make their brew even better. So we here at We The Origin scoured through YouTube to give you the best channels to meet your coffee craving needs! Some of the channels we found focus on giving you the best coffee equipment reviews, while others focus on coffee recipes and reviews, and some were just in between, but all of them provide great, informational videos for you to watch. 

Here are the 20 best channels for all you coffee lovers! 


Coffeefusion is a YouTube channel aimed at teaching people how to make better coffee at home. The channel was founded by Gary Sawyer, a coffee enthusiast whose fascination with coffee led him to try and spread what he learned onto others. His channel has a wide variety of content, including an assortment of latte art, beginner’s guides to making coffee, and coffee maker reviews.

European Coffee Trip

European Coffee Trip is a channel with the purpose of exposing people to the world of European specialty coffee. As the channel travels various cities in Europe, they provide coffee reviews on cafes dotting the continent, from Paris to Tbilisi.

Recently the channel has also begun posting tutorials perfect for coffee lovers such as espresso and cappuccino coffee recipes. So if you’re looking for the best specialty coffee in Europe, this channel is definitely a good start!

Seattle Coffee Gear 

Seattle Coffee Gear is not only a coffee machine producer but also a creator of great content for coffee lovers. You can catch great coffee reviews on a monthly basis with the channel’s monthly Crew Tasting where they take different coffee brews and give their own take on it. 

If you’re more into the best ways to brew coffee at home, then you’ll be delighted to watch each crew member’s morning routines. And finally, Seattle Coffee Gear also has you covered on latte art with beautiful designs. 

Sweet Maria’s Coffee 

Sweet Maria’s Coffee is a cafe shop in Oakland, California. This crew of extremely experienced cuppers will steer you in the right direction. They even sell green coffee and roasting equipment while posting YouTube videos in their free time. This is a great channel for those interested in home brewing as the channel has many videos focusing on making coffee from home and how to reach that perfect taste. 

They also take the time to do coffee maker reviews and sometimes things just outside the ordinary like roasting coffee with a popcorn popper. 


If you’re looking for a straightforward approach to elevating your coffee game, then Coffeecourses is the perfect channel for you. Willem Boot,the channel’s founder as well as leading authority and pioneer in Specialty Coffee, walks you through many skills that will help you improve your coffee from videos on coffee roasting techniques to coffee maker reviews. Though the channel hasn’t posted in a while, it is still a great source of information for all you coffee lovers!

Dritan Alsela 

Dritan Alsela is a barista himself and provides a glimpse into the life of being a barista. Unlike other coffee-related YouTube channels, Dritan’s videos are very conversational and less polished, providing a more raw feel to them. However, his content is still top-notch as can be seen in his great latte art videos and his barista tutorials. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a barista, then Dritan’s channel has got you covered. 

Tim Wendelboe 

Just like Dritan, Tim was also a barista but has now taken his talents into creating his own espresso bar, coffee roastery, coffee school, and YouTube channel all combined into one. Tim provides a steady stream of content perfect for watching on your downtime or binging through. 

His most frequent videos are coffee reviews with his friends every month; they discuss the tastes and flavors embedded into every cup of coffee. So if you’re looking for the best specialty coffee to drink, Tim’s channel would be a great start. 

James Hoffman

James Hoffman is arguably the most popular coffee YouTuber in the world, and with good reason! His content on coffee stretches well past the ordinary, as he covers topics such as coffee reviews, coffee maker reviews, coffee recipes you probably never heard of, and video essays focusing on coffee. 

You could say he went overboard with the coffee content (we would disagree), but his crisp and clean editing paired with his relaxed voice always help bring the viewer in. If you haven’t yet checked out James’ channel, it’s better now than never. 

Whole Latte Love

For those of you who are trying to find the best coffee maker then Whole Latte Love is a great place to start. The channel has an extensive amount of videos that focus on espresso machine reviews, helping you with any maintenance issues and providing you with great coffee recipes to make in your machines. 

The channel has been around for quite a few years, and as such has quite a collection of videos perfect for what you need. 


RealChrisBaca is probably the oddest addition to this list, as his content doesn’t just cover coffee but also a much larger content library that transcends various fields—it can almost be described as coffee lifestyle videos. On one video he may be giving you a great life lesson and in the next, he’ll be discussing the perfect techniques for making latte art. So if you’re looking for a YouTuber who loves coffee but also loves other parts of life, then RealChrisBaca is a great channel for you!

Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Seven Miles is another great channel for coffee lovers with a large net of content perfect for your viewing pleasure. Not only does the channel have great tutorials on making latte art and concocting a great cold brew, but they also have more insightful videos such as the key trends coming to the coffee industry. Though their current video library is rather limited, it will definitely grow in the future. 

Mill City Roasters

Mill City is a great channel to check out if you’ve been looking to improve your coffee roasting game with a large assortment of videos on many different coffee roasting techniques. The channel also has some great educational shorts which provide great information in a concise manner.

Wolff College of Coffee 

Just like Coffeecourses, Wolff College of Coffee provides great educational content for those looking to improve their own craft of coffee, be it roasting or latte art. They have great videos that discuss different parts of coffee machines, as well as providing reviews on said coffee machines. Their video series titled, “What’s this bit?” will help you understand how the different components of your coffee machine behave with each other and how they work inside of a coffee machine. 


MorganDrinksCoffee is by far the newest channel on this list but has already grown into one of the biggest coffee channels on YouTube. Morgan, like Dritan and Tim, is also a barista, but unlike both of them, she is much younger than either as she is currently enrolled in college.

Though she is younger, she continues to provide a great amount of content on latte art tutorials as well as other delicious coffee recipes. So if you’re interested in the life of a young barista, then MorganDrinksCoffee is the channel for you. 

Coffee Detective 

Though Coffee Detective is the smallest YouTube channel on this list, the channel still has some great reviews on coffee makers which is perfect for those of you who love to make coffee at home. The channel has many reviews on different types of coffee makers, grinders, and espresso machines all of which are rather short and succinct. 

Barista Hustle

Unlike the other barista channels on YouTube discussed on this list, Barista Hustle is unique in that it has videos created by a group of baristas rather than just one. The channel has videos on coffee reviews and tutorials on different techniques, all of which are delivered in a very conversational type of atmosphere. 

Prima Coffee Equipment

Like the other equipment focused channels on this list, Prima is also a retailer of coffee equipment. Though in addition to this, the company also has a fantastic YouTube channel with great reviews on coffee makers, tutorials on using the machines, and the occasional coffee recipe. 

The Real Sprometheus 

The Real Sprometheus is a channel dedicated to helping you make the best cup of coffee possible, whether you’re an espresso fanatic or just enjoy a nice cup of joe. His videos go into the science and anatomy of some of your favorite coffee drinks while also providing you with some great coffee recipes you might have never tried before. Like James Hoffman, this channel really wants to open you up to a world of coffee you may have never been exposed to before. 

Alternative Brewing

Alternative Brewing is exactly what it sounds like: the channel provides you with a wide amount of videos comparing between different types of coffee machines, whether it be a coffee grinder or an espresso maker. They also provide the occasional, yet informative video on how to make coffee with these different types of machines. Their large collection of videos is great for those of you looking to expand your coffee equipment in the kitchen. 

Clive Coffee 

Clive Coffee is another coffee equipment retailer who has also entered the coffee game on YouTube. The channel is dedicated to helping people in a number of ways, be it product reviews, product tutorials, comparing between different coffee equipment, or making a great cup of latte art. The channel’s videos are short and easy to follow along with, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals. 

As you can see, there are just a huge number of coffee channels on YouTube which can easily fill up your day, and there are more that continue to pop up every day. So if you find a coffee channel that we should know about, let us know on our Instagram.

Ishfar Munir
Ishfar Munir is a Business and Computer Science Double Degree student at Wilfrid Laurier. His journey into the world of coffee only begun recently, but he has already begun to fall in love with the delicious drink. In his free time, he likes to watch basketball games, write songs, and read the New Yorker.


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