10 most popular coffee shops in Toronto

Toronto is home to a myriad of different cultures, a cradle of economic growth, and a city full of incredible landmarks. Perhaps it isn’t easy to keep up with everything the city is buzzing with, but popular coffee shops in Toronto are definitely worth our time!

An interesting part of Toronto is a growing coffee scene that follows all the trends in the industry. Professionals choose the best coffee beans that are carefully prepared as well as responsibly sourced, and special attention is paid to the roasting methods. It is safe to say that both Torontonians, as well as tourists, can’t resist the charm of the cozy and comfortable coffee shops that the city offers.

So let’s discover some of the most popular coffee shops in Toronto!

The Library Specialty Coffee

The Library Specialty Coffee- Best Coffee

Location: 281 Dundas St W Toronto, ON, M5T 1G1. credit @tlscoffee

What makes them special:  The change in scenery is not always related to travelling—sometimes we can try different food or a new beverage and get a glimpse into another culture. Well, the Library Specialty Coffee shop is inspired by the Australian coffee scene and when you try their pour-overs and espresso-based drinks, they can take you into a whole new realm.  The elegant minimalist design and atypical furniture, like miniature tables decorated with flowers or chairs that look like stumps, invite you to just take a moment and enjoy truly special beverages; from Australian style cappuccino to artistic lattes adorned with a touch of chocolate. 

Hatch- Specialty Coffee Roaster

Location: 802 Cochrane Dr. Markham, ON L3R 8C9 Canada

What makes them special: Hatch Specialty Coffee Roaster aims toward quality, transparency, and great customer experience so they established direct trade with coffee growers. The selection of best coffee is a well-oiled machine—from green coffee analysis, all the way to flavour profiling, and not one part is being neglected. Considering special attention is being paid to the origins of coffee, their roasting style is influenced by Scandinavian style light roasts and this brings out the true nature of the coffee origin—its delicious fruit notes. 

Pop Coffee Works

Pop Coffee Works Store front- Best Coffee

Location: 190 Jarvis St., Toronto, ON MSB 2B7

What makes them special: Pop Coffee Works is the cafe representation of a Mississauga-based roster that goes by the same name. Specialty grade, in-season products show just how much they pay attention to quality, and if you want to try coffee drinks prepared with different brewing methods this is the place to be. Walls painted purple as a homage to pop culture entertain the customers who can try beverages with cranberry, red apple, and green date notes while coffee ranges from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Washed Colombian Narino to Ecuadorian beans. 

Hale Coffee

Hale Coffee shop front - best coffee

Location: 300 Campbell Ave., Unit 103 Toronto, ON M6P 3V6

What makes them special: “We love building shops, with our bare hands, we love hosting, to see you smile. We love serving the best coffees, ever.” 

This very quote welcomes visitors on the webpage and sums up pretty nicely how serious they are about the coffee business. Based in Toronto,  Hale Coffee is a specialty coffee micro-roaster and they source coffee beans of the highest quality all around the world.  In case you want to visit them, you will see how a combo roastery, cafe, training facility, and a restaurant fit perfectly in a big industrial space that has a really special vibe. 


Creeds Coffee- Best Coffee

Location: 390 Dupont St., Toronto, ON MSR 1V9. credit @creeds.to

What makes them special: Creeds offers both dry cleaning service and a cup of coffee right on the spot!  The area is very spacious with a mix of suede, leather, marble and wood and it simply invites for a longer stay or even a set up makeshift office for a day. Pilot Coffee Roasters provide the best coffee beans and the beverages vary from a delicious cold brew to espresso-based drinks

Pilot Coffee 

Pilots Coffee- Best Coffee

Location: Ossington ave., Richmond St., Queen St. E, Bay + Bloor, Wagstaff Dr,. 100 King St.W., Union station ,Toronto St. Credit@pilotcoffee

What makes them special: The chain of Pilot Coffee Bars has left a trail of delicious coffee all over the city. The interior of shops looks enormous with the tall ceilings that create an airy atmosphere while plant-covered booths offer comfort. On the list of coffee drinks Cold Brew, a direct trade specialty coffee brewed at the Wagstaff roastery, and Flat White really stand out, not to mention that they successfully convey their driving force—a passion for great coffee and a commitment to quality. With the help of the little paper airplane logo, they safely made it to the list of popular coffee shops in Toronto, and with a good reason!

Boxcar social

Boxcar Social- Best Coffee

Location: Summerhill, Harbourfront, Temperance, Riverside. credit @boxcar_social

What makes them special: As one of the most popular coffee shops in Toronto, Boxcar is spread out to four different locations in the city. Their famous trademark is the furniture they build themselves while the shops have a specific industrial vibe to them. One of the best things about them is, of course, their coffee program oriented toward third-wave roasters outside of Toronto. Americano, Macchiato, Cortado, Flat White, Latte—the list of coffee drinks you can order just goes on, not to mention an occasional cocktail steals the spotlight here and there.

Dineen Coffee

Dineen Coffee store front

Location: 140 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON,MSC 1X6

What makes them special: Located in the historic Dineen Building, this popular coffee shop attracts the visitors with a distinctively stylish interior marked with high ceilings, red leather banquettes, and custom marble countertops. Coffee breaks last way longer here and with a good reason—unique roasts like Temperance Espresso Blend, with light citrus notes and a very smooth texture, call for attention and a true appreciation of quality. 

Neo Coffee Bar 

Neo Coffee sign- Best Coffee

Locations: Frederick x King, Bay x College.

What makes them special: Many popular coffee shops in Toronto have a rustic, European touch to them while Neo Coffee Bar stands out with its contemporary approach. Both shops clearly represent Japanese minimalist influence which is well represented by industrial style softened by the addition of raw wood. Also, each month, Neo Coffee Bar features a different single-origin roast from an international source to provide the best possible coffee experience. 

Barocco Coffee Company

Location: 974 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A5

What makes them special: We have a very good reason to put Barocco Coffee Company on the list of popular coffee shops in Toronto—by utilizing traditional coffee roasting methods perfected in Italy at the turn of the century, this coffee shop acts as a bridge that connects tradition and the latest technological advancements. The search for the best coffee beans comes with an open approach and they are on a constant quest to find ethical and sustainable farms. In case you like espresso blends, southern Italian blends or you want to take a coffee trip to Ethiopia with a Barocco Limited edition product, this small-batch artisanal coffee roaster will be an excellent choice. 

If you take a good look at the list, each coffee shop aims to provide not just the best coffee experience but also a unique and memorable atmosphere. A coffee break is more than just delicious coffee and hopefully good company (all within social distancing rules, of course); it also serves as a refuge from our busy lives.


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